It’s Never OK To Drive High

Some states have now passed legislation legalizing marijuana. While these laws permit the use of marijuana, all states prohibit driving under its influence. Unfortunately, many people still perceive driving after using marijuana not as dangerous as drinking and driving. But the insurance industry is already reporting higher collision claims in states with legal marijuana.

Impaired driving laws were written to deal with alcohol and generally do a poor job dealing with drugged driving. Therefore, drugged drivers frequently escape prosecution, which means no conviction, which means no punishment or accountability, which means no justice for the victim/survivor and no rehabilitation for the perpetrator, which means no protection for society.

Please sign the petition and let our legislators know that driving high is dangerous and that they have the power to stop it.


This petition will be delivered to the:
Honorable Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation
National Governors Association,
National Council on State Legislators (NSCL)

WHEREAS: Marijuana significantly impairs a driver’s judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time;

WHEREAS: Multiple studies have demonstrated that drivers with any amount of THC in their blood were approximately twice as likely to cause a fatal crash as drivers without any drugs in their blood;

WHEREAS: Combining marijuana with alcohol dramatically increases the risk of a crash;

WHEREAS: Instamotor found 39 percent of surveyed marijuana users felt comfortable driving high in the nine states where the drug has been legalized, while 55 percent of Colorado marijuana users reported they felt driving after use was safe in a separate Colorado Department of Transportation survey;

WHEREAS: An analysis of insurance claims in Colorado, Oregon and Washington by the Highway Loss Data Institute found crashes were up 16 percent in Colorado, 6.2 percent in Washington, and 4.5 percent in Oregon since marijuana was legalized in those states;

WHEREAS: The percentage of American drivers killed in car crashes who tested positive for drugs now exceeds those killed in crashes who tested positive for alcohol according to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association;

BE IT RESOLVED: We urge You to support increased public education on the dangers of marijuana-impaired driving and provide more tools for law enforcement to prevent additional drugged driving tragedies.

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Among all eight of the states that allow adult use of marijuana, none allow use among people under age 21. None of the eight states allow marijuana impaired driving. Still, the processes for determining if a driver is under the influence of THC or is impaired by marijuana use continues to be challenged putting other people at risk. In addition, there is not a universally accepted measurement for impairment resulting in a patchwork of inconsistent laws and policies.

Who would not agree that, at a minimum, no measurable level of THC is acceptable for drivers under that age of 21 years old? This is the same standard set for alcohol and underage drivers.

In addition, much like our alcohol policies, no one should be driving a car with an open container of a marijuana product. All marijuana packing should contain label warnings about driving.

But that’s not enough: we need trained officers able to identify high drivers through behavioral tests. Those tests must be accompanied with modern, oral drug tests to determine if someone is high.

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